Nicecream ist vegan, low in calorie and tastes like chocolate ice cream. Can you ask for more? It’s like it came staight out of paradise!

I guess we can all agree that ice cream is one of the best existing desserts (or midnight snacks in my case haha). I’ve never been into nicecream that much but I gave it another try and now I am totally in love and ate it a thousand times.

I added some frozen cauliflower to increase the volume without a big impact on the calories. Such a great idea because I promise you won’t taste it and it causes you to have more ice cream! It sounds gross at first but you really won’t taste it!

Lately, I discovered my love for cacao nibs so I added them to make it seem like double chocolate ice cream.

For those who never had nicecream; What is nicecream?

Nicecream is a great, healthy, and often low calorie alternative to eating real ice cream. Mostly it’s based in blended frozen bananas to get an ice cream like consistency. As a next step, you can add whatever you feel like; Strawberries to make it a strawberry ice cream, any other berries. What about vanilla protein powder? Or my favorite, because chocolate ice cream is by far my favorite flavour; cocoa powder and cacao nibs.
Also, you can be creative with the toppings or add no toppings at all – whatever you want!

Do you have any other ideas what to add? Feel free to leave a comment!

Need more for a snack than just some ice cream? What about vegan french toast ?

In the mood for something savoury? Maybe some potato soup ?


Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 1 Calories: 202
Best Season: Summer



  1. Put everything except for the cacao nibs in a blender

  1. Carefully mix cacao nibs into the nicecream

  1. Place everything in the bowl and add toppings of choice (I added white dragon fruit, more cacao nibs, and tahini mixed with water)

Let me know if you’ve tried it. If you upload your result on Instagram and tag me, I’ll post it in my story <3

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