About me

Picture of myself

Who am I?

I am a 23-year-old vegan girl from Germany that loves cooking, baking, and – of course – food! On this website, I’ll share my favorite recipes.

Growing up, I was an increadibly picky eater. I wouldn’t touch my mashed potatoes if the egg yolk got them. Carrots? Only for rabbits. And the smell of cucumbers? My worst nightmare.
In 2020 I started dieting and I read a lot about nutrition. As a result, I started cooking my own meals, that’s why I gave a second chance to many foods I disliked before. And what should I say? Since then, food can’t be crazy enough for me now. Got some leftover spinach? It’s going into my breakfast waffles! Extra bananas? Perfect, let’s add them with some curry powder to my pizza! Unused cauliflower? Time for cauliflower-banana ice cream!

When I’m not experimenting with crazy combinations, I still love trying new recipes. I bet there are countless dishes from around the world I still didn’t have the chance to give a try! When scrolling through my recipes you’ll realize the asian cuisine is my favorite. They have so endless options to try and most of them don’t use dairy anyway. My absoulte favorite meals are sushi and curry!!

But what about meat, eggs and dairy? My journey to becoming vegan

I started out as a flexitarian, which for me meant eating vegetarian 5 days a week. Soon I decided to give up meat (and fish) entirely and I tried to include as many vegan options in my diet as possible. Soon it became easier to cook fully vegan dishes. During this time I was vegan at home but still vegetarian in the “outside world” (like when eating out, eating at campus or at a friends’). I continiued this way for a few months until i finally decided to go fully vegan.
So, what do I mean by fully vegan? Unfortunately being vegan isn’t always easy; For example, grandmas love baking cake without even understanding what vegan means, or sometimes friends mess up and accidentally gift something none vegan. Even I mess up occasionally and forget to check for milk powder in a bag of crisps oder egg yolk in a dressing bottle, etc. So I guess you could say I’m like 99,9% vegan because, despite my best efforts, there are times when mistakes happen or situations where it would be rude not to accept the food.

I know there are many others out there hating on that decision: Vegan-hating omnivores, vegans hating everyone that isn’t fully vegan or even jealous vegetarians. I’m just here doing my thing, no matter what it’s called, no matter what others want me to do.

Why did I personally decide to go vegan?

So, the question I get asked most of the time is; Why am I vegan? For me, it is primarily not about health or the environment but the animals. The meat and dairy industry does cruel things no one wants to look at. So why would we want them to happen? I think many people don’t realize what eating dairy actually means.
“I get why you’re vegetarian. But vegan? That’s too extreme for me”, is what I hear a lot. Nobody realizes that dairy and eggs also kill and harm animals. And this is not just about the male chickens that get killed – we have all heard about that by now.
What I mean is for example the small life span the animals have (No, a milk cow doesn’t live all the years it could, she gets killed when she doesn’t give enough milk anymore!). Also, have you heard about female chicken breaking their bones because their body produces so many eggs it doesn’t have enough minerals for their own bones?
“But a cow wants someone to drink its milk” – also a very common argument. Not totally wrong. The cow wants someone to drink its milk – just definitely not us humans but her own calf. Many people don’t realize a cow has to bear a calf to produce milk, just like humans bear babies. I won’t get into detail, but you do realize that calf gets killed, right?

What are you doing when you’re not in the kitchen?

When I am not in the kitchen and I’m not out with friends eating either, I’m probably working at some German computer science company. Also, I made this website all by myself without having any clue in the beginning. I hope you like it!
If I’m having a motivated day you can even find me taking care of my house plants or buying new ones. On other days I love reading a book, writing stories myself, or my favorite hobby; annoying my boyfriend.